History of UHI

Urban humanities at UCLA has both a diverse history across fields, as well as a specific history with relation to the Urban Humanities Initiative. Principal Investigator Dana Cuff, of the Department of Architecture and Urban Design, along with Co-Principal Investigators Todd Presner of Germanic Languages and Comparative Literature, Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris of Urban Planning, and Diane Favro of Architecture and Urban Design, were awarded the largest single grant in the history of the Department of Architecture and Urban Design in December of 2012. The grant, from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, was to get the nascent field of urban humanities on its feet at UCLA, uniting what were already several pre-existing research interests on behalf of a wide variety of scholars—from the human-focused research of Dana Cuff’s cityLAB, to the urban focus of many scholars in the humanities. In many ways, however, its history has yet to be written as the terms of this discourse remain to be staked out—and such is the intent of the three-year period of the Mellon grant.