Summer Institute

Offered over a three-week period during the UCLA’s summer session C, the Urban Humanities Initiative (UHI) Summer Institute introduces students to the methodological approaches of the Urban Humanities and provides an opportunity for interdisciplinary research and collaboration. In this regard, the Summer Institute is the core of UHI, as it is the first required course in a year-long sequence dedicated to studying Los Angeles and cities of the Pacific Rim.


The Summer Institute is structured as a kind of academic bootcamp (eight-hour days, five days a week) consisting of lecture/seminar sessions, methods workshops, lab/studio sessions, on-site fieldwork in Los Angeles, and reviews where work produced is presented and given critical feedback by instructors and guest critics. Students are broken into interdisciplinary groups to balance discipline and experience, where they are expected to produce three projects. The summer projects are designed to build on one another and launch ideas for a long-term project dedicated to the particular theme of the year (risk, identity, or spatial justice), which is then refined and realized over the course of the academic year.



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